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This Website Sucks. New One Soon. Album Out Soon. ‘Funeral’ Out Friday.


Getting there…

Oh Hi

In case you haven’t noticed I’m taking a little break from most things music. Still slowly plodding away at the new album and a few other things in the works, but yeah, taking it slow for the moment. Watch this space…

Sep 14 2013 little update

Just a little update to make sure this website doesn’t get too far behind the times. ‘Joesus’ (two track joke sampler featuring home recorded alternative versions of tracks from my forthcoming lp and released on the same day as Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’) was released to positive reception. It’s still available on iTunes if you wanna grab it.

Since then, I’ve been juggling my life around switching jobs, playing a fair few gigs and dipping my toe in the recording of my new debut studio lp. As of today, myself and wonderful freelance Melbourne engineer Sam Lowe have had about 7 sessions of varied length recording drums, acoustic guitars and some bass, plus a bit of editing, which is a gruelling process as I’m being fairly meticulous with this album but ye, the results are showing 🙂

So far we’ve been to Black Pearl Studios, Moorabbin, Salt Studios in Brighton East and have done some stuff at Sams own very cool home studio as well.

I’m working with Sam for two reasons, one, that I’ve heard his work and it’s really top shelf stuff, which is somewhat what I’m trying to produce on this particular recording as opposed to my typical semi-lo-fi offerings, and also because I consider him a friend, as we’ve known each other for ages and have worked on several recordings before, including my high school metal band Innocent Cabbage‘s final album and my own first solo ep of the indie/folk ilk (‘Anthems: A Collection of Ups and Downs and In-Betweens’). It’s quite a thing putting your musical baby in someone else’s hands and at this stage of my life, on this recording, he’s the person I feel most comfortable with doing so (after all, he did let me hold his baby turtle). I also doubt anyone else in his field would be willing to put up with my shit, oh, and because 20-30% of each session he has to listen to me vent and ponder about life and all my me-me-me’s.

Anyway so that’s where recording’s at. Still much to go but I’m hoping for an early 2014 release. There’s some lovely photos on my facebook, which, by the way, has proven to be my main place for any updates on anything (seems I can only really be bothered promoting myself constantly in one place.. Which is probably not that bad a thing). So keep up to date there if you want 🙂

Other than that, I’ve been asked to host Melting Pot‘s Open Mic Nights at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton, Mondays in October, which I’m doing for the money (jokes), but should be a bit entertaining; playing Revolver on October 2 for Roots of Music and the guy behind that platform’s also asked me to play Tamworth country music festival in 2014, which is an honour because as a kid I’d hear of my dads bluegrass band, ‘The Rank Strangers’ having played there back in their day! Feels a little like a torch is being passed 🙂

Also I played Graceland Melbourne which was thoroughly fun and intimate indeed – please give their facebook page a ‘like’ as well as Roots of Music and Melting Pot to help continue supporting the types that make things happen in Melbourne’s live and original music scene.

Oh and I’m going to New Zealand in late November to see Neutral Milk Hotel and family but am also organising a few shows for this trip 🙂

Peace, love and unconditional negativity,

Your pal,

18.06.2013: JOESUS

Happy Ye Day 😉

Joesus Art Final sml

Official Artwork:
Official Art

Thurs 6 June: Joe Forrester, Bernie Carson and Dave Hoang @ Grumpy’s Green!

That’s right, I am super thrilled about this one 🙂

Grumpy's Bernie Dave Joe sml

Beat Magazine even chucked in a nice little thingy:
Grumpy's Green Blurb 2

Hopefully see a few of you there!

Facebook event page here. Bernie and Dave are completely, absolutely worth checking out. If you see either of these two live, you’re gonna have a good time.

‘Til then!

26 May: ‘Josh Forner’ debut Album Launch

My first step out of recording (it really hasn’t been that long) will be with Josh Forner and Flying Saucer Terror at the Workers Club, 51 Brunswick St Fitzroy, Sun 26 May from 7pm (myself opening the proceedings at the sensible hour of 8pm) for Josh’s debut album launch. All details are herrrreee.

Then mostly back into recording for me, with the odd little step out onto the stage when it suits. I am missing playing regularly 😦 Copping a bit of the old green-grass syndrome methinks.

In recording news, drums have been completed for the demos and basslines have been predominantly written and are being recorded (demowise) this weekend. So still a ways to go, but we’re doing it right (Sam Lowe and I) and it’ll be a lenghty, costly, ‘professional’ process that hopefully has some semblance of a soul left at the end of it!

Until next time, your pal,

Guy Sebastian.